“Upon completion of the GodSong school this summer there are some new words in our home, words like ministry, and all of those others that go along with that. This morning as I dropped her off at school we were talking about her classmates and how different each person can be everyday. As she stepped out of the car, I said to her just minister, and she said, “I know Dad, just be like Allison.” Thank you for the seed that you and your students from this past year have planted in Savannah's heart. I pray for blessings to fall on you all.” James Wright, Sparta, GA (father of Savannah)

“GodSong Music Academy should be a requirement for anyone wanting to present the Gospel through music. I love the fact that Allison focuses on having a servant’s heart, knowing Biblically what you are singing about and presenting your music in a professional manner. We can’t begin to measure the value of what the GodSong has given our ministry. If you want to have an effective, professional ministry in music, the GodSong Music Academy is a must!” Heather Stutzman, Chicago, IL

“My mind was blown away by the wisdom, insight and fresh approach that Allison and the staff provided. To anyone seriously considering a career in Gospel music, I would highly recommend GodSong.”
Miles Pike, Jacksonville, TX

“GodSong Music Academy proved to be more than expected and knowing Allison and Brian Speer, great things were expected! Communication of the Gospel is our goal and we learned so many valuable lessons that define the difference between great attempts and pure GOLD! I encourage anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to spread the Gospel in song to make yourself vulnerable to the direction that will give you the results you desire. Make your time on stage count for God. GodSong will help you be and do your best.” Wess Adams, Galveston, TX

I could talk for days about the lessons learned in Allison's training: "Be a servant," "learn your Bible," "love on your audience." But the lesson that rises above them all is, "Communicate the Gospel." Allison teaches us to break through the invisible wall that often divides the performer from the audience. She encourages us not to sing to a 'crowd', but to sing to hearts and souls. Great songs, perfect pitch, and beautiful tones mean nothing if we're not using it all to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I completely recommend Allison's training to anyone seeking to build an honest, inspiring, life-changing music ministry. Allison Lynn, Toronto, Ontario