How is the GodSong Music Academy different than other music schools?
The GodSong Music Academy teaches the professional techniques of how to be Gospel music artists. Whether you are a soloist, a group or an instrumentalist, the professionals at GodSong give you the concentrated attention that will enable you to advance in music by enlivening your performance with great communication, musical excellence, and segue writing and delivery. The musical aspect of your ministry will be refined at this conference, but your communication and performance abilities will be the focal point of the curriculum. Our goal is to take you to the next level as a communicator and performer, and to prepare you for all aspects of live stage events and career building.

Is there a required experience level to attend?
No matter how often you sing, GodSong is for you. We tailor every session to suit each individual performer. Each class with Allison dismantles the performance process in order to reassemble it with tried and true techniques that make you an artist who can deliver a memorable performance every time you sing. Each seminar is an open discussion format, which gives everyone an opportunity to learn something new about performance. This will give you the skills needed to take your ministry to the next level.

Do you have any suggestions on fundraising?
Yes - we have a Sponsorship Letter available for download with which you can take to friends, family and anyone else who may be interested in supporting your ministry. Click here to download.

What are some of the things Allison will cover?
Allison’s curriculum will include such topics as: Vocal Expertise, Writing Segues (transitions between songs,) Use of Humor, Blocking and Stage Moves, Ministry and Entertainment and why we need both, Programming Sets, Use of Scripture, Imaging, Scheduling, Use of Sound Technology, The Recording Process Demystified, and Financial Support for Musicians.

Where will the conference be held?
Dr. Ken Dove, senior pastor at Grace Church of the Nazarene in Nashville TN, has graciously offered his facilities for the conference. This facility is fully equipped with state of the art sound technology and lighting and will be a wonderful place for each performer to display musicianship and be critiqued.

Is the Grace Church of the Nazarene facility handicapped accessible?
Yes.  The church is built on one level and has no steps to hinder wheel chair access.  Help will be available to get a wheel chair on and off of the stage.

Is there a price break for groups?
No. In 2011 the registration price was lowered for everyone to make it possible for groups to attend as inexpensively as soloists.

What about scholarships?
We are actively seeking scholarships for deserving artists that might not have the resources to attend. If you would like to donate online, we accept MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.  Click
here to donate. Checks can be mailed to GodSong Music Academy, P.O. Box 41246, Nashville, TN 37204-1246.

Do you require a deposit with registration, and what if I need to cancel?
Yes, we ask for at 25% deposit when you register.  See the registration page for information on our full registration policy.

Will my group or I have time to perform to be critiqued?
Yes, every artist will be asked to perform as many times as the schedule allows. This usually means 45 minute sessions with each individual. After each performance, Allison will critique in this group setting and give detailed instruction about performance. You will then be asked to redo your song and use the techniques you have learned.

What format should my tracks be in?
Tracks should be in a digital format, preferably CD.  Cassettes will not be allowed.

I use live instruments.  Can I bring them?
Absolutely!   We encourage you to bring whatever instruments you use in your ministry now.  You must display your ministry at its best and most comfortable.  A piano will be provided, as well as direct boxes and/or microphones for other instruments.

What about the sound system?
Grace Church of the Nazarene has state-of-the-art audio, lighting and video systems that will be available for use.  We will provide trained operators to handle engineering duties.

Is there a dress code?
No, but you should dress comfortably and modestly.  Jeans or khakis are fine, as well as polo shirts or nice T-shirts.  Please remember that this is a church and you are ministers for Christ.  Dress in clothes that are not revealing or sensual, no spaghetti straps or tank tops.

Will there be breaks throughout the day?
We’ll take regular breaks and will supply coffee, water and snacks during each session. 

Will meals be provided during my stay?
Lunch will be catered and brought in to the church each day, but each of the hotels near Grace Church of the Nazarene features a complimentary breakfast if you prefer that.  We’ll break for 90 minutes for dinner and you’re on your own to pick from one of the many restaurants within a two-mile radius of the church.  Please notify us of any dietary needs or restrictions you may have.

What about transportation?
We will provide transportation to and from the Nashville airport and your hotel, and to and from your hotel in the Opryland/Briley Parkway area to the church if needed.  Please notify us no later than two weeks in advance of the conference of your travel arrangements.

Will you make my hotel arrangements?
No, we will provide a list of hotels to choose from that are near Grace Church of the Nazarene, but you will need to reserve your own room.  We strongly recommend you make your reservations early to assure a room near the church.