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As ministers of the gospel, we are charged with delivering the most life-impacting message the listener will ever hear. Too often, we do not treat it as such. When we take the stage, we need to be prepared musically, physically and mentally; we need to know what we’re going to say to the audience between songs; we need to know how to create a musical program that makes sense and flows well; and we need to know how to conduct ourselves on the platform we’ve been given. At GodSong Music Academy, the heart of our curriculum is the performance training. Allison Speer has over 25 years of experience in public performance and is a master teacher. Allison and the staff will be able to work with you on writing effective segues, incorporating humor and stories into your concerts, and help you put together a program that can be used powerfully by the Holy Spirit.

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In addition to the instruction from Allison and the rest of the staff, we are excited to offer students a unique opportunity to be evaluated by a panel of gospel music industry professionals. From their perspectives as producers, writers, performers and publishers, they are able to offer invaluable insight and advice on helping you succeed in your ministries. Each artist will introduce and perform one song in front of the panel.

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As the old saying goes, “It all starts with the song…” A good singer is nothing without a great song! If you have a passion for putting pen to paper, we want to help you hone your craft. We are thrilled to have world-renowned songwriter Sue Smith join us at GodSong Music Academy to help you further develop your songwriting and provide you with the tools necessary to write a great song.

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The scripture calls us to excellence in everything we do. Because of this, performers should never stop learning and honing their gifts. Whether it be piano or voice, we want to offer you the opportunity to work with some great teachers while you are attending the GodSong Music Academy. Ben Waites is a 2010 graduate of Louisiana College’s music program and is also a certified instructor in the Speech-Level-Singing vocal technique. Pianist Jeff Cleghorn has been in music ministry for 25 years as a soloist, music minister, evangelist, singer and accompanist. Both of these gentlemen have a wealth of knowledge in their fields and we are thrilled to have them available to you for private lessons.

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“Be prepared in and out of season.” As a gospel musician, there may be times when a church calls on you to lead worship in the absence of a music minister, whether it be a Sunday morning service, a special revival or just leading a couple songs before a concert. You need to be prepared to serve the kingdom and the church. GodSong Music Academy can help you learn how to help plan a worship service. The staff has extensive experience in leading worship in many different kinds of churches and services and can help you prepare for a variety of situations in which you may be called to lead.

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Recording Arts

The world of music recording has evolved quickly and tremendously in the past ten years. Things are possible with a program on a computer that were not possible in million-dollar studios just a few short years ago. Staff member Brian Speer can give you a starting point in this exciting new technology that will be a huge benefit to your ministry.

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For four days, the staff of GodSong Music Academy will pour into you and your ministries, and you will take away a wealth of knowledge you can apply to your ministries. However, as we all know, the learning is never done. GodSong Music Academy wants to provide you with the tools necessary to serve the Lord and His church with excellence. If you desire to continue learning from the staff, we are exploring options of making ourselves available (via FaceTime or Skype) to you throughout the year. Maybe you'd like a monthly voice lesson or tutoring in music theory; perhaps you'd like help in creating a new program or song set. These are some of the ways in which we can help you beyond the four days of the GodSong Music Academy.
(Songwriting, worship leading, private lessons and "Beyond GodSong" are all electives within the broader GodSong curriculum. They are available to students, as desired, for additional fees.)