Ministry is like a Rubik's Cube. One square is communication, while other squares consist of performance, entertainment, humor, compassion, musical excellence, love for the audience, servant hood, etc.

The GodSong Music Academy teaches young ministers and musicians to hone their skills in each of these categories in order to make the puzzle pieces mesh to make a more effective presentation of the Gospel. Students with the objective of ministering with the skills of entertainment and communications are more effective ambassadors for Christ.
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You will receive:
Four days of intense training and one-on-one interaction with professional musicians including a panel of experts that will give you written input on your performance techniques to connect with any audience

Critical instruction in CD production, booking, road management, music business, sound and stage, marketing, your image, and non-profit ministry opportunities

Instructors will watch you perform and critique you, but they do not stop there. They show you step by step how to improve every aspect of your performance from vocal technique, stage presence, segues, and musical interpretation.

You will have access to years of learning from successful leaders and receive hard-earned secrets about how to advance your career into a full-time ministry.

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